Reducing Body Burden

Measuring the Pollution in People:
The FASE Routine Outcome Monitoring Project

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The Unpolluting of Man

Earth is being blanketed with synthetic chemicals at a rate far greater than at any time in human history. Today, the population of the United States is burdened by an estimated 700 foreign organic chemicals, all of which lodge in the fat tissues of the body. In 2005, American researchers found that newborn babies have an average of 200 non-natural chemicals in their blood; including pesticides, dioxins, industrial chemicals and flame retardants. The impact of this chemical “soup” on human health is only beginning to be understood.

Since 1981, FASE staff and associates have participated in studies relating to the detoxification program created by L. Ron Hubbard. This program is a precise regimen that involves sauna, exercise, vitamins and minerals to mobilize and eliminate stored toxins and reduce symptoms associated with chemical exposures.

Studies regarding the use of the Hubbard program to reduce body burdens of common contaminants such as DDT and PCBs have been published by the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer, the Royal Swedish Academy of Science, the Society for Occupational and Environmental Health, UNESCO and the American Society of Civil Engineers, among others.

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Helping Those Who Need It Most - Our Veterans

FASE established a Veterans Health Project at the request of veterans and military caregivers to address the well-being of soldiers who experience post-service health problems related to their exposure to toxic substances.

Our veterans are suffering from intense exposure to toxic substances during their service. While Agent Orange exposure is a long-acknowledged source of health problems for Vietnam veterans, soldiers from our current wars from Operation Desert Storm to Afghanistan are exposed daily to toxic substances whose effects are only now becoming fully known. FASE Associates have a long history of working to help veterans affected by chemical exposures. The Veterans Health Project, a new addition to the Foundation’s decades-long “Unpolluting of Man” initiative, was established to expand these long-standing efforts to address the problems faced by military personnel exposed to toxic substances during their service.

Our aim is to provide relief for our military veterans’ symptoms that have been created by toxic exposure. We do this through a federally- and privately-funded detoxification program at no or low cost to veterans suffering from the after effects of toxic exposure.

It is built on a certainty that there are things that can be done now to improve their quality of life, a confidence based on three decades of experience with a detoxification program that has brought relief to thousands of individuals with the same kinds of exposures and symptoms that are affecting veterans.

The main objectives of the Veterans Health Project are:

  • Raise awareness and agreement that exposure to toxic chemicals has real consequences for our veterans – that service-related exposures really do cause illness.
  • Bring relief to those affected by their exposures by offering the detoxification program to veterans and current military personnel at no or low cost.
  • Add to the body of data about service-related exposures and their health effects.

You Can Help Our Veterans Today

Our veterans and active military deserve our full support. They have risked their lives to ensure our safety and freedom.

Now we can give back.

Thanks to a network of generous donors, we have been able to provide support to qualified healthcare professionals that enables them to deliver detoxification services to veterans on a humanitarian basis, at no or very low cost. You can donate by clicking the donate button below.

IIf you know a veteran – or if you are a veteran - who suffers from exhaustion, depression, “unexplainable” aches and pains, or other symptoms associated with service-related exposures, please let us know.

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